Why it is important to take a break and leave for a trip? Where to go to recharge your batteries? How to escape your comfort zone and take advantage of the benefit of your vacation? Few simple questions, but are the answers simple as well?

On 17 July the Community of Copernico Garibaldi gathered for “The Daring Adventure” of the Copernican, a chance to do networking and to learn something new, inspired by the theme of travel and holiday. The event was for us useful to talk with Davide Valpreda, CEO of Hoppete, a travel platform for “people who dares to push themselves farther” and to catch with him the secrets and the advice for our next trip.

Travel is good, we all know it. It’s good for health, it’s good for spirit and it is good for work too! Travel helps escape from the daily busy life and hang up the rules, at least for a bit. When we are on vacation, discovering the world, we don’t have any duty or constrain, except the one of recharging ourselves with fresh energy.

Disconnecting our brain and deleting every trace of stress we come back home more creative and performing. Listen to the advice of Davide Valpreda from Hoppete that explained his point of you to us in our interview!

The journey is in novels and tales a metaphor of life, used as an instrument to fix past issues. Is it so also in real life? What if the “pursuit of happiness” through travel could be applied to the work too?

If we analyse the typical path of an epic tale, the “ordinary life” hero steps into an “extraordinary” world: this wander from a daily life place to an out-of-the-scheme one is always applicable to reality. The pursuit of happiness can be a harsh and tricky trip towards trying to fulfill both needs and desires a life step after the other. In a modern work contest, follow this “trip” as a method of personal satisfaction is undoubtedly a successful way to get to your destination facing a great view.

In which way travels help us to disconnect and bring new energy to our creativity?

The multiplicity of inputs that we have while we travel is incredibly positive and fruitful. The gearwheels in our brain work differently on holidays than in our everyday life, like when we are in the office. For sure, all of these inputs with the combo of a relaxed state of mind contribute to reactivate a renovate spirit of action.


Tell us about which one is the ideal destination and how can we identify it?

Follow your heart: the ideal destination is the place where your soul is completely satisfied. Few years ago our heart brought us to Austria and we were shocked by the beauty of those charming places.

Why is important to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and, like your website suggests, “push yourself farther, on less traveled routes”?

Only pushing yourself farther you can make the best discoveries. Think about it, if Copernico, the scientist, didn’t wide his horizon, Galilei and Focault couldn’t probably demonstrate the heliocentric theory. On our website we offer travel proposal that we wish will bring you far (not only geographically speaking).


Which one would it be the “smartest” destination of this summer 2018?

I would say Corsica without any doubt! We believe that this beautiful island has an underrated potential. We fell in love with the breathtaking landscape and with the beaches of Santa Giulia and Santa Manza: the light sand and clear water makes you feel like in the “Mediterranean Carribean”!


Why our “Copernicans” should quit everything and leave…with you?

Someone would say because “No Hoppete, No party!” and it is absolutely true!