The EU Start Up Accelerator & EU Training Platform

The EU Start Up Accelerator, an initiative by Finnova Foundation and powered by Science14, supports employment and European mobility for young entrepreneurs and project development around Europe. The Accelerator provides training, practical skills and knowledge in the field of EU funding and plays a proactive role in obtaining financing for European start-ups. It boosts the professional improvement of its members through network creation, lobby groups, commercialization and entrepreneurship education.
Finnova is a non profit foundation operating with the mission to create value and innovative initiatives around Europe through lobbying, advocacy and funding support with expertise in  European projects in the field of sustainability: Life + programs, Eco-innovation, Energy Entelligent for Europe.

In 2014, Science14 and Finnova hosted and mentored the company Raymusgo, an eco-friendly footwear start-up using renewable materials, represented by its co-founder Lorena Gasco Pérez who organized several presentation of the brand to the Belgian public. Raymusgo is currently expanding its products and design around Europe.