Science14 Stands up for Emergency

Science14 is happy to announce the launch of a very special collaboration with the humanitarian organization Emergency Belgium. The cooperation, founded in September 2015 when Science14 became the seat of Emergency, centers on the idea of solidarity, fundraising and aid in support of world humanitarian crisis. Science14 supports and endorses Emergency Belgium in its voluntary work actions and initiatives creating awareness of such activities.

Emergency was founded in Italy in 1994 to provide medical assistance to civilian war victims, promote a culture of peace. The ONG’s humanitarian projects also involve construction, support and operation of hospitals, providing emergency assistance to existing hospitals through specialized personnel, drugs and instruments. Since 1994, Emergency has worked in 16 countries and built 7 hospitals, 4 rehabilitation centres, 5 pediatric centres, 66 first aid posts and primary health centres, a maternity centre and a centre for cardiac surgery. As of 2013, more than six million people have received care from Emergency health centers.

The partnership between the two organizations was launched officially during an open day held at Science14 and presented to the community of the building. In October, Science14 took part in the event “Music for Hope”, a piano solo concert performed by Innocenzo Genna hosted in the atelier of the painter Marcel Hastir. The event was organized by Emergency with the aim to raise funds to set up clinics and health centers in Northern Iraq, where thousands of people escaping from Iraq and Syria are seeking refuge.

You can follow and share the ongoing initiatives on our social medias, meet us at Science14 for any further information or contribution you want to offer, #S14standsupforEmergency!