Coworking‘s reality is gaining space in modern professional’s collective consciousness. But do we really know what is it about?

During the last 10 years the idea of “shared working space” has transformed itself in something more, something similar to a lifestyle which is acquiring both awareness and followers. Coworkers are pioneers of job, not only freelancers looking for networking, but real workers that choose to be open to collaboration and choose a space, like the coworking, to make their profession flourish in a polyhedral, bracing environment.

First of all comes the coffee: partnership agreements, working meeting nothing can be chosen without it. With time the coffee ritual became so natural that there isn’t no longer a border which divide the working space from the “break space“, where you can drink for example a hot coffee. This redefined the concept of workplace and the same experience of working life. The result is the development of the coworkings, which offer a retailed-experience of work. All the details are taking into account: wifi connection, a coffee-house to have breakfast or lunch, networking events organised with a community target, an online platform to go beyond the physical common space, to share contents and information.

The Coworking is a smart and mainstream environment where you can collaborate and co-create valuable ideas and partnerships for yourself, your business and your community.

Which are the rules to observe to proficiently work in a coworking space?

  • Trust your neighbors: coworkings break the patterns and bring back the fundamental value of the sharing economy. It is necessary to develop trust and to build a relationship of this kind between coworkers and the working space itself: that’s the reason we need sharing platforms. You would also need to trust your knowledge and learn fast what does it mean to work in a shared space, embrace the common intentions and enjoy the collaborative environment.


  • Free your mind from cliché labels: Some stinky untruthful myths are stuck to the idea of coworking. First of all they aren’t designed only for freelancers and startups; an increasing number of big companies are choosing coworking spaces for their local offices or side branches. Moreover, coworkings are not all the same: you can find massive open spaces with long lines of desks to be shared or office suites. Once clarified your needs, you will be able to have the perfect workplace. One extra thing: to work in a coworking space doesn’t mean to have a limited space to move, it means on the contrary to adapt to a large space, which can change according to your needs and in full flexibility. Last but not least, leave behind you the fear to lose your corporate identity: be part of a community with a strong culture will help you to better define yours and the sharing activity with other coworkers will add value to your job.


  • Acknowledge the social value of your workplace. Sad but true, work occupies most of our time. This is the reason why we should take advantage of this and spend more quality time doing what we do. A good workplace is essential in this case: the place has influence and define our performances, therefore shared spaces must be designed to facilitate and to spur the social interaction and the professional collaboration, through quality services and networking events and through improved formulas to manage the work-life balance.

Put the spotlight on coworkings means take into consideration several new parameters quite different from those used conventionally to set the quality of work; it means focus on people to understand the social dimension of work and the space (no longer only a few money-fast production place) that host their activities.