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A perfect meeting comes from a perfect formula

Anders Mogensen teaches you how to run the greatest meetings you can imagine

A new fresh company is imposing itself as the next big thing in the online marketplaces square and we are happy to take part of this revelation and to help you discover more about was founded in AarhusDenmark, in October 2015 and it is now the “knownbest” website to discover, list and book amazing spaces for any meeting you have in mind. Their community is growing fast and in many directions and we are so glad to be part of it.
We have asked CEO, Anders Mogensen, to tell us about their mission and to help us discover how to create the perfect event.


1. You came up with this great business idea: is now taking its deserved space on the market. Which one was your creative process and which the originary mission?

Let’s start with the genesis of The idea for creating the platform came, like most ideas, from disparate sources. Two of the four co-founders, including myself, have consulted the tourism industry for years, and cooking up new ideas for how to connect people was a natural part of that. A recurring them we often encountered was how the future of work would influence both how and where we worked, namely the meeting and event spaces. Even more, we noticed that there was a lack of unique meeting and event spaces and even more challenging, a platform where people could find and list these spaces. So we teamed up with two talented developers and before we knew it – we had created the beta version of The creative process was rather simple and driven, by and large, by a strong desire to design a platform that was simplefast and convenient. Being a Danish company and no doubt influenced by the Danish design mantra of keep it simple minimalism, we’ve managed to create an award-winning and industry leading platform that thousands of people all over the world enjoy using every day.


2. Gaest lists spaces with a touch of uniqueness and a clear vision, we can definitely say that meeting spaces are changing. Where this reshaping movement will lead us and which are the bigger transformations? 

A key driver here is the fact that more and more people are moving to urban areas, which means cities are becoming (over)populated. This puts a strain on real estate prices and urban development while forcing companies to consider alternatives to buying/building office spaces and meeting rooms. Another driver is the fact that how we work is changing. As automation and machine learning evolve, the nature of our work and affiliation with organisations is, and will continue to experience dramatic shifts. We’ll see, for instance, more freelancers and employees working remotely as an agile workforce. At the same time, however, we see that managers still value face-to-face interactions, and with a workforce no longer working under the same physical roof, bringing together colleagues takes on a whole new meaning. This is why “where you meet” is, and will continue to, be a value-driver for the success of the meeting. And because a growing number of professionals are accustomed to using other sharing economy platforms in their regular lives – e.g. Uber, Airbnb, etc. they’re already conditioned to, if not demanding, alternative spaces.


3. Networking is fundamental to know best, improve workwise and learn from others, in this context how much does it count to choose the right environment for a meeting and which are the factors to take into consideration to make this choice?

A core principle at is “where you meet is just as important as why you meet”. Choosing the right space can be one of the most important, if not the most important, factors to that meeting being a success. To find the perfect space, start by thinking about the purpose and desired outcome; for instance, a workshop requires a completely different vibe than a press conference. And speaking of vibe, think about what and how you want the participants to feel. You’d be surprised at how much a space can affect emotions and feelings. But think about how you feel when you’re in a church vs. a grocery store or a hospital – three very different emotions, right? Of course you have to consider the practical elements such as A/V, chairs, catering, etc., and while they can also add value to the experience, it’s often the sum of all the parts – working in harmony – that creates the meetings and event people want to share and will never forget.


4. We value our community and we know that you do too. When we created our Meet the Community we did it willing to offer a good occasion to mingle and mix up ideas for our people. “Your Midweek Music Break”concerts are a great opportunity do do likewise. Can you tell us more about these events and the idea behind them?

“Your Midweek Music Break” was a a 4-part concert series based in Copenhagen in association with another startup call low-fi, who specialises in hosting intimate concerts with emerging artists. Basically, it was a way for us to engage our growing community and showcase how our spaces can be used for more than simply meetings. It also allowed us to demonstrate how we’re able to work with other brands to create unique experiences, something we’re zoomed in on at the moment.


5. Tell us a secret: which one was the craziest meetings you ever organised through Gaest? 

There are a few crazy meetings to choose from, but one that really sticks out was a  temporary church service for a pastor who’s own church had recently sustained water damage. He didn’t want to cancel his weekly sermon, so he turned to us for a temporary sanctuary, which we were happy to oblige. That’s a meeting we didn’t see coming ;o)