ECIPE/World Bank Seminar : De-fragmenting African Trade

04ECIPE and the World Bank are organizing, in Science 14 Atrium, a an event presenting the report made by Paul Brenton, World Bank Trade Practice Leader for Africa and editor of ‘De-Fragmenting Africa’, with comments by:
Jim Kolbe, Former Member of US Congress and Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund,
Roelof Plijter, Adviser at the European Commission on trade, development and EPAs,
Fredrik Erixon, Director at ECIPE

These personalities will share their views during the conference. This report was made due to the call of African Leaders for a continental free trade area by 2017. During this seminar two main topics will be discussed : firstly, the difficulties of Africa to trade within their own continent compared to the rest of the world because of their own different trade barriers and secondly, the economic dynamism of East Asia or other region that have regional fragmentations. ECIPE and the World Bank believe that it is the cross-border production networks that have spurred economic dynamism in other regions, especially East Asia, have yet to materialize in Africa.